Captain America

I decided to pick up a Prismacolor brush pen (because I’m so finicky with brush pens, I’m super heavy-handed and shaky like you wouldn’t believe and I have tried SO MANY different brush pens and have given up hope far too many times…) and I wanted to try it out and? I like it? Like, a LOT? Gonna have to pick up some more in a few weeks, me thinks.

Also I keep seeing all these Cap3 drawings lately where Cap gets shot or dies or whatever just as Bucky gets better and it made me sad and totally inspired so I had to take a shot at drawing something like that heeey. What better topic to try a brush pen out on, pff sorry not sorry.

Anonymous asked:

Absolutely ADORE how you drew Lady!Steve!!! Don't see too many designs with her having short hair and it's adorable!!! I'm melting all over your art, you are so incredibly talented!!!

Aaah, thank you, anon friend! I gotta do more of them, I try to keep any cisswaps I do as close to the original characters as possible, which is both fun and frustrating!

reserve asked:

Hiiiii!! I love your art so much and I LOVE that you draw pre-serum Steve because he is my fave. You wouldn't happen to take commissions would you? Either way, thank you for continuing to share your work with us!

Aaah, thank you! Drawing pre-serum Steve is surprisingly fun. :)

I actually don’t currently take commissions. HOWEVER! I have been considering it, I just need to whip up some examples of what I’ll be offering sometime in the next month. I would really like to start doing them! Time is just an issue right now.

Captain America

I don’t normally draw things like this at all but I’m RPing and things were happening in the RP and I was feeling really inspired so… I’m so embarrassed aaah ugh.

Steve and Bucky are undercover as a married couple (hahaha cuz that hasn’t been done before BUT I LOVE IT SO WHATEVER they’re actually already together at this point but only Natasha and Bruce know) so Steve grew his facial hair out so he’d be harder to recognize (haha yeah right) and Bucky kinda likes it. And by ‘kinda’ I mean he’s trying to think of a way to convince Steve to keep it as an all-the-time kinda thing.

puga-is-arting asked:

Hello, fresh watcher here. First of all, I wanted to say that : I AM JUST SO UNBELIVIBLY STUNNED WITH YOUR ART IT'S SO WONDERFUL I CAN'T EVERYTHING IS PERFECT ABOUT IT GAWD. And the second one: Despite analizing description on your blog, I am still not sure: might your url have anything to do with polish word 'gryzmoly'? Just curious. Anyway, sorry for bothering you, one again: in my opinion you are absolutely awesome ♥

Aaah, thank you!

And yes, my username is Polish! (Which I am, but can’t speak it or anything all that well, I’m the worst.) I restarted my art blog a while back, and since the nickname folks gave me from my last one is “Gryz” and I wanted to keep going with that without using the same name I had before, ‘gryzmoly’ was the one I came across that seemed to fit.